Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dasa Upadesam - Ten Commandments

Here are the ten commandments (दशोपदेशं) laid down by Sri Maha Periva.

1. One of our duties as human beings is to avail ourselves of every opportunity to do good to others. The poor can serve others by their loyal work to the country and the rich by their wealth to help the poor. Those who are influential can use their influence to better the condition of the lowly. That way we can keep alive in our hearts a sense of social service
2. Man by himself cannot create even a blade of grass. We will be guilty of gross ingratitude if we do not offer first to God what we eat or wear – only the best and choicest should be offered to Him.
3. Life without love is a waste. Everyone should cultivate “Prema” or love towards all human beings, bird and beast.
4. Wealth amassed by a person whose heart is closed to charity, is generally dissipated by the inheritors: but the family of philanthropists will always be blessed with happiness.
5. A person who has done a meritorious deed will lose the resulting merit if he listens to the praise of others or himself boasts of his deeds.
6. It will do not good to grieve over what has happened. If we learn to discriminate between good and evil, that will guard us from falling into the evil again.
7. We should utilise to good purpose, the days of our life-time. We should engage ourselves in acts which will contribute to the welfare of others rather than to our selfish desires.
8. We should perform duties that have been prescribed for our daily life and also be filled with devotion to God.
9. One attains one’s goal by performance of one’s duties.
10. Jnana is the only solvent of our troubles and sufferings.

Jaya Jaya Shankara! Hara Hara Shankara!!


  1. Dear Hari, this is a great initiative and i wish everyone makes use of this opportunity. As a squirrel, i will publicise this blog to as many people as possible. Thanks for taking this up...May you and your family be always blessed by SRI MAHA PERIYAVA!!-Ashok Ramamoorthy

  2. point 7: your writing will help many when they are stranded in the turmoils of publishing Mahaperiyava's works in your blog, you have made available His Blessings to many who do not get direct access to Him