Sunday, January 30, 2011

Importance of Sanatana Dharma - our culture

In western countries the children are not exposed to other cultures easily. Whereas it has been a misfortune that the schools started during the britishers rules brought about a change where our culture lost its authenticity and exposure with our children..

Thinking about the welfare of our children we could not help them develop our culture during their study period, and this led to our children loosing faith in our culture.

The very nuance is lost about the perceptiveness this led them to think they can handle it the way they think is right and have started ridiculing it saying there is no proof to any of these blind belief faiths.

How do we help our children to have faith and appreciation for our culture?

We have to inculcate a pride in our faith and culture; we have to set examples by following our culture, and there by teach the honest approach of life. The true life of purity and practical experience enlightened by our age old Rishis in the granthas should be imparted to the young mind, and show the only way to enlightenment is to follow these which are very proficient and superior.

Global development and enlistment of community and the peace of soul were the intrinsic worth imparted by our great rishis should reach the present children, raise their awareness to rise above the present luxurious existence and look into our age old customs to improve the quality of their life in future.

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