Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 79

Granting that the very act of ‘sAdhanA’ implies duality, the Acharya, does not hesitate to bring in, into his  stotras,  the many sAdhanAs that have goals even contradictory to advaita. When every propitiation of the divine is certainly a dvaita act, why shy at the rituals of the non-advaita schools? So without reservation he allows his imagination to go the path of  other  siddhAntas also. That is why, we hear in Soundaryalahari, ideas from dvaita, visishTAdvaita, shaivam and ShAktaM.

Another important point has to be mentioned. Since all creation is MAyA, according to advaita, it is not to be thought that advaita avoids all talk about Shakti.   


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