Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 247


Thus the same shloka might give different results depending on the mental make-up of the user. shloka #63 (‘smita-jyotsnA-jAlaM’) is a sAdhanA shloka for the merging of jIva in Brahman; but if one does not want this high noble effect, it will give the other effect of attracting people to oneself! 

Again, shloka #73 which talks about the breast feeding of ambaal’s milk and the consequent effects on Ganesha and SuBrahmanya can lead to two different results: if the goal is jnAna, the mantra-japam of this shloka with that as goal, will lead step by step from the blessedness of celibacy all the way up to the obtaining of brahma-jnAna; on the other hand if the same shloka is used as a mantra by a lactating mother who is lacking the necessary breast-milk, she will have her problem solved.


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