Friday, October 19, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 263


The eight vAg-devatAs are themselves of the moonstone colour. Their seat is in the eight triangular portions of the eight-sided AvaraNa in the ShrI-chakra. This AvaraNa is itself called ‘sarva-roga-harachakram’, that is, the chakra that eradicates all diseases. All of this is due to the effect of mantras.

Though the crystal colour of the moonstone is what is praised above as the colour of ambaaL to be meditated upon, the colour of the devatA of ShrI-vidyA mantra is red or crimson. This colour of the
Goddess has been praised, two slokas earlier (#18) but since it talks of ‘vashIkaram’ (captivation into submissiveness) I did not want to mention it. But still I want to tell you how the redness is important.


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