Monday, October 15, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 259


Besides the peacock and Garuda, there is one more enemy of snakes. That is the ‘nakulam’ or mongoose. One of the names of ambaal is ‘nakuleshvari’. It is actually the name of ‘MantriNI’ the chief Minister in the universal kingdom of Queen Lalita-ambaal. The latter keeps only the portfolio of gracing the devotees and delineates the other duties of administration of the entire universe to MantrinI

The sahasranama name ‘mantriNI-nyasta-rAjya-dhUH’ meaning, ‘She who has delineated the responsibility of the burden of administration to MantriNi’ arises from this fact. ‘ShyAmaLA’ and ‘Raja-mAtangI’ are other names of this MantriNI.


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