Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 156


The next  shloka  (#8) of Soundaryalahari  describes her location, her own world in the Cosmic Geography. Just as Shiva has Kailas, VishNu has Vaikuntham, She has Her own, but there are  actually two locations for Her. One is the central peak, called the peak of Meru. The other is called the City of  ShrI (ShrI-puraM or  ShriI-nagaraM) in the  Ocean of Nectar (amRta-sAgaraM). But the descriptions of the residence of  ambaal in either of them is the same. 

This  shloka (#8) – ‘sudhA-sindhor-madhye …’ gives the description of the  ShrI-nagaraM. Right in the centre of the Ocean of Nectar; surrounded by the forest of five kinds of divine trees; in the island  called maNi-dvIpaM; therein in the Garden of kadamba trees; in the palace of gems called  cintAmaNi. right on the seat of the five brahmAs;  


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