Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 233


These eight vAg-devatAs constitute the Mothers of speech. That is why the shloka #17 which prays for excellence in speech begins with ‘savithrIbhir vAcAM’. In traditional literature there is a gem known as
chandrakAnta gem’ which is crystal-like and which will melt in moonlight. The vAg-devatAs have that kind of crystal colour in which moon reflects in a dazzling manner. In one shloka ambaal was depicted
as pure white like the moonlight (sharat-jyotsnA shuddhAm - #15). 

In another She is aruNA, red (#16). In this shloka (#17) the aruNa, that is ambaal, is sitting surrounded by the vAg-devatAs, majestically like a Queen with all Her attendants. Whoever can meditate on this scene (sancintayati yah) gets the literary capacity and competence to compose great epic poems. 


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