Sunday, February 20, 2011

1973 Delhi Discourses- Part 11 of 15


Our temples were the centres for social welfare in the olden days.

At the time of festivals, food used to be distributed at concessional rates to the needy people. Mass feeding of people was also done on those occasions.

Of course, the State is doing certain things to the people through their social welfare agencies.

In fact, the tax that we are paying to Government is just a token of our acknowledgement of the service done to the people by the State.

But it is a fact that in spite of the existence of banks, hospitals and social welfare agencies, their objects are not being fulfilled to the extent required.

The best medicine for removing human misery and suffering and sorrow is to have unshakable faith in the grace of God.

Bhakti alone is capable of giving that strength of mind which is needed to overcome and reduce our sufferings. Temples are but the agencies to nurture and develop this bhakti towards God.

This is why temples have to be constructed at every place. (Continued..)

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