Thursday, February 17, 2011

1973 Delhi Discourses- Part 8 of 15


Our temples have all been built with some sanctity. In fact, each temple has got a history behind it.

Our temples are places where there are idols with shakti or power and divinity.

The puja that we do in our houses is for the welfare of ourselves and our families. But the puja done in the temples is for the welfare of the whole society, and therefore there is no scope for the puja being done in the temples according to one’s personal likes.

There is thus no scope for importing our individual methods of worship in the temples.

The deity in the temple has to be installed and worshipped according to the religious texts on the basis of which the idol has been installed.

Further, the puja has to be done by the priests appointed for the purpose. These rules hold good right from the village deities to the big deities like Vinayaka, Subrahmanya, Vishnu, and Shiva.


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