Monday, February 14, 2011

1973 Delhi Discourses- Part 5 of 15


Ordinary people may not have the capacity, and strength of mind to bear their sufferings. But with bhakti or devotion to Ishwara, they can face them, and get also the mental strength to bear them.

It is for this purpose that an ordinary person goes to the temple. He goes there, offers some prayers and then he feels all right.

If one person talks about his sufferings to another, the other man will listen to him for some time, but after some time he will start narrating his own sufferings and say that he is having more sufferings than other individuals.

So, sharing one’s sufferings with another person, who is also suffering, will not result in the removal of the sufferings.

Therefore, we go to temple and pray to Him, and we pour out before Him our tale of woe and sufferings.

If we go and narrate our sufferings to another man for a long time he will start abusing us after some time, and he may even slap us if we persist with the narration of our tale of woe and suffering. But when we go to a temple, we can tell God whatever we like, Have you not ears to listen to my prayers? Have you no eyes to see my suffering? And we may ask Him why He is not giving His grace immediately to us.

After this prayer, when we come out, we shall have some peace of mind. The more we address God, the more is the peace that we get in our mind. (Continued..)

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