Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1973 Delhi Discourses- Part 7 of 15


God knows everything that we want to tell Him. Yet why is it that we go and narrate our sufferings before Him?

It is just to get peace of mind by emptying our mind before Him. As Nilakanta Dikshita says:

“What is it that you do not know? You know everything. And yet I feel like speaking out things before you, because my mind is restless; it is only when I empty the contents of my mind that I can secure peace. That is why I am narrating all this before you.”

There is another thing that we notice in the case of our temples, as compared with the places of worship or prayer halls of other religions.

In other religions, the prayer hall is built according to the size of the audience.

After they collect the statistics of the audience, they build the prayer hall to accommodate the audience, and all the people can assemble in that prayer hall, at appointed hours.

But in our temples, we have to go one by one near the sanctum sanctorum. Whatever be the size of the crowd, each one has to go in a disciplined manner and offer worship.


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