Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1973 Delhi Discourses- Part 14 of 15


We should not go to the temple in a purposeless manner.

One should not pass urine or spit or excrete fecal matter within the temple premises and within the vicinity of the temples.

Nor should one blow his nose or sneeze or chew pan in the temple, or eat fruits or food, or sleep or sit with stretched legs, or comb the hair or tie the hair after combing, wear cloth over the head and over the shoulders, tread over nirmalya or tread over the shadows of the flag staff, idols etc, nor should one touch the idols or those who do puja to the idols.

No one should gossip, laugh loudly, or play games or go between the idol and the bali peetha.

As for pradakshina or going round the temple, one should not stop with just one or two rounds only but should go round at least thrice.

One should not have darshan of the Lord at odd hours or at the time of abhisheka or naivedyam.

One should not enter into the temple and worship when the deity is not in the straight position.

One should not enter a temple by any passage other than the main gate.

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