Friday, February 25, 2011

Namo Namaha - Part 1 of 15

Here is an article of Sri Maha Periva's reflections on doing Namaskaaram.. presented as a series of 15-parts article again. In His own words...

All of you think of me as a saint and perform namaskara to me. I have also a great yearning to perform namaskara to persons who are known to be real saints. But my position as Jagatguru and Peetadhipathi, and the title of Bhagavatpada, which have come and stuck to me at a young age, without any merit on my part for deserving them, have deprived me from that young age itself, of the good fortune of doing namaskara to saints, the great ones, moving about before our very eyes.

My receiving all your namaskaras, without my performing namaskaras to any person, makes me think of my janma as empty and in vain.

Our Acharya (Adi Sankara) has done a great good in this regard. What is that?

He has reminded that: "Sannyasis, like us, to whom you perform namaskaras, regarding them as saints, should never think that the namaskara belongs to us. It belongs only to the one Paramatma and Parasakthi which conducts and controls all the affairs of the jagat".

Not stopping with that, he has also made a rule for us to follow, in order that we make sure of conveying your namaskara to the Paramatma and do not accept the namaskara ourselves in the thought that it belongs to us. The rule will look very easy to follow, at first sight.


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