Sunday, February 13, 2011

1973 Delhi Discourses- Part 4 of 15


We consider God as Rajaadiraja or the king of all kings and so we offer him many upacharas such as umbrella, chamara, musical instruments, vahana and so on, which are all due to a king.

The divine presence in our idols, when we worship them, helps us to banish poverty as well as evil. Thus, the idol with divinity which we see in our temples is an object of beauty for us, and worthy of meditation.

If our thoughts are of a high order, then we worship the deity in the above manner, so that we may get supreme happiness.

It is with this idea that we perform abhisheka and decorate the idol with ornaments etc. Thus we worship God in these various ways by doing so many upacharas. This kind of worship is possible only in the Hindu religion. Idol worship is very important in our religion, for the ordinary people.

When we bow before an idol or pray before the deity consecrated in the idol, we never think that it is only a piece of stone, but we think that the deity in the idol is the protector and the root cause of the whole world.

Thus, temples help to increase the devotion of a person to God and this devotion helps him to overcome or reduce his sufferings. (Continued..)

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