Saturday, June 9, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 131

Now we shall go over to shloka #7. Here comes, for the first time, a graphic description of the form of KAmeshvari  (Raja-rajeshvari, LalitA-tripura-sundari), the deity of praise in Soundaryalahari. Even here, no name is mentioned; in fact, throughout the hymn, the name does not occur. 

kvaNat-kAnchI-dAmA kari-kalabha-kumbha-stana-natA
parikshhINA madhye pariNata-sharac-candra-vadanA /
dhanur-bANAn pAshaM sRNimapi dadhAnA karatalaiH 
purastAd-AstAM naH puramathitu-rAho-purushhikA  // 7 //

kAnchI-dAmA: (She who is) wearing the girdle with jewelled bells
kvaNat: tinkling and jingling (of jewels)
kari-kalabha-kumbha-stana-natA: (She who is made to) lean forward by
the breasts that resemble the forehead of an young elephant
parikshhINA madhye : (She who is) slender in the middle (of the body)
pariNata-sharac-candra-vadanA: (She whose) face is like the autumnal
full moon
dadhAnA karatalaiH : (She who is) wearing in Her hands
dhanur-bANAn: the bow and arrows
pAshaM: the noose
sRNim-api : (and) also the goad
Aho-purushhikA : (She who is) the ‘I’-ness ( =Ego, in the positive sense) 
pura-mathithuH: of the destyroyer of (the demon named) pura  - i.e. of Lord Shiva
AstAM : may She appear
purastAt : before 
naH : us.


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