Saturday, June 16, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 138

Another point. The second line of the  shloka has two words both beginning with ‘pari’ : ‘parikShINA’ and ‘pariNata’. When you read the whole line the sound of the alliteration creates a pleasant feeling. Such beauties are the specialities of great poets. 

The third line of the seventh shloka is:
 ‘dhanur-bANAn pAshaM sRNimapi dadhAnA karatalaiH’.

‘Holding by the hands the bow, the arrows, the noose and the goad’ is the meaning. ‘sRNi’ means ‘ankusha’, the goad. These four are the specifics that determine now the deity of dedication in this  stotra. And so we may be certain now that the deity that is being praised is the deity of the  ShrIvidyA  mantra, namely lalitA-tripura-sundari or Kameshwari. If we are not very ‘technical’ about it, it is also  the same as Raja-Rajeshwari. When ambaaL is in this form, She has four hands, with the noose and goad  in the two upper hands and the bow and arrows in the two lower hands. Manmatha, the God of Love has the same bow of sugarcane and the same arrows of flowers.   


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