Thursday, June 21, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 143

Though our  shloka in the Soundaryalahari mentions ‘bow’ and  ‘arrow’ first and then mentions the ‘noose’ and ‘goad’, it is the ‘noose and goad’ that are special to  ambAL. Manmatha the God of Love has the same bow and  arrows  both of which he uses to get mankind downward into sensuality. His bow draws man’s mind into sensuousness and his five arrows affect the five organs of cognition. 

But the same bow and five arrows in the hands of ambaaL work in a positive way as is vindicated by two names (that appear just immediately after the two names about  rAga and krodha I mentioned a little while ago) in  lalitA-sahasranAma, namely, ‘mano-rupekshhu-kodanDA’ and ‘pancha-tanmAtra-sAyakA’.


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