Monday, June 18, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 140

Of the twin of Desire and Anger, desire has the form of ambaaL’s noose (pAshaM). When you talk of ‘yama-pAshaM’ it is the noose. When you talk of mother’s pAshaM (tAip-pAshaM, in Tamil) it is her attachment and affection and therefore her concern, her desire (AshA). It is the desire that binds us.  It binds us like a rope.

Anger has the form of  ambaaL’s goad. Anger  pierces you like a goad. But it does not pierce the other man on whom you are angry. He may go away just like that, indifferently.  Our anger pierces only ourselves. The pierce of the goad will be felt by us only. And we hurt ourselves. Modern science tells us how  energy is wasted during anger and how much. What is more interesting is the further scientific fact - with which our scriptures agree - that whereas we exhibit anger (krodhaM) at something we don’t like and thus waste energy, the energy loss is more while we like something, desire it  and happily indulge in that desire (kAmaM). In fact, Desire is the ‘hita-shatru’  - enemy in the disguise of a friend.


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