Sunday, June 17, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 139

There are two things:  rAga (attachment and liking); and  dvesha (hate and dislike). The former gives rise to kAma (desire) and the latter gives rise to krodha (anger). Desire and anger have to be kept in control.

Of course all these are born out of the great divine mAyic play of ambaaL. And by the same leelA of ambAL, they disappear by Her Grace (anugraha). The very thought that they will so disappear by Her Grace will help us fight against them. 

‘rAga-swarUpa-pAshADhyA’ , meaning, She who holds the noose, which is ‘rAga’ in physical form   -- is one of Her many names in the lalitA-sahasranAma. Similarly, another name is ‘krodhA-karAn-kushojjvalA’, meaning, She who shines by the goad, which is ‘krodha’ in physical form. 


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