Friday, August 17, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 200


The divine damsels who are particularly thought of here are the famous quadret: RambhA, Urvashi, tilottamA and MenakA. They are supposed to be superlatively beautiful. Even they, having seen a little of the beauty of ambaaL, have considered themselves insignificant, in relation to ambaal.s beauty. They are naturally curious to get a look at the complete beauty of Mother Goddess. 

But they also know they cannot have that complete picture, because the Goddess is totally dedicated to the Lord and Her complete beauty is not perceptible to any one else. So what do they do? Only the Lord knows Her fullest beauty. So they want to be one with Him, the Lord Shiva. This is the Shiva-sAyujya-padavI. Then and only then, they can have an idea of the complete beauty of ambaaL.


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