Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 212


The key concept in ShAktam is the cycle of evolution and involution and so, the sound principle runs as its life-line. On one side Shaktam has the artha-prapancham, the universe of matter, where the fundamental principles are Shiva-tattvam, Shaktitattvam, sadAshiva-tattvam, Ishvara-tattvam and shuddha-vidyA tattvam - which take you through the evolutionary stage from the para-Brahman to the universe of matter and being. 

On the other side there is the sabdaprapancham, the unvierse of sound. It starts from the most subtle one called ‘parA’. Including this there are five ‘sound’ (shabda) principles. After ‘parA’ there is ‘pashyantI’, then ‘madhyamA’.


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