Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sushumnaa Naadi - Part 5 of 15

The whole process which thus takes place in relation to the heart and the nADis is not in his knowledge. His attention is not there.

His only attention, and all his thought, is – and should be -- in the Atma-sphuraNaM (Sparking of the Atman) at the seat or locale that he has caught hold of almost as a bhAvanA (attitude).

His concentration is all on the goal of Realisation. If he thinks of anything as a ‘path’ now, it will be a distraction.

Attention to the path will stray you from the goal; and then the path will also disappear!  And you will be left back with the straying mind; back to square one!

Suppose somebody tells us that Ambal (Mother Goddess) has manifested somewhere in your vicinity. What would we do immediately?

Mentally we get a kind of locale for Her and we rush on the road to find it in reality. And as we rush, do we pay attention to the track that we pass through – whether it is a country road or a macadamised road and so forth?


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