Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sushumnaa Naadi - Part 6 of 15


Therefore, if we accost an enlightened JnAni and ask him about the heart, the nADis and the Gate that Vedanta talks about, he may not tell us anything!

He does not know about what is happening to himself; wherefrom would he know about the other persons, devotee or layman? How do you expect somebody who does not know how he came here to know what kind of shops or buildings were there on his way?

But then how did the enlightened Rishis mention these things in the Upanishads? After they got their enlightenment, after again they got the siddhi that never slips at all, the paramAtmA Himself, in token of His appreciation, makes the mysteries of His creation and other secrets known to them and also tells them about all the processes related to upAsakas as well as laymen.

Revelling in the sweetness of those leelAs and miracles, they have made it known to others also.

But after all the information reached others, they have also done some blurring.

Doesn’t the touch of MAyA come everywhere? That might be the reason!

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