Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dual stages of Ego - Part 4 of 10

Only when the ‘I’-hood ends there is Realisation (*sAkShAt-kAraM*).

Even the word ‘Realisation’ is only a formality (*aupachArikaM*).

It is actually wrong to say ‘One realises Brahman’.

No one can do anything to Brahman.

There is no ‘sAkShAt’, no ‘karaNaM’.

Nothing can be done with Brahman.

Really what happens is, in that final state this very person (sAdhaka) vanishes.

Whoever did the SAdhanA he himself is not there at the end of the SAdhanA; only the goal remains!

It is this very phenomenon that the great Ramakrishna described as “the story of the doll of salt examining the depth of the ocean”.


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