Friday, September 9, 2011

Life-giving Love - Part 4 of 10


Even in chess and cricket also this might happen.

But in all these, the beauty of the relationship of one soul giving its all to another living soul is absent.

That ‘mAdhurya-rasa’, the taste of sweetness, is what is missing!

Starting from nitya-anitya-vastu-vivekaM (discrimination between the real and the unreal), the SAdhanA that goes through vairAgya (dispassion), shama (sense control) and dama (mind control) and uparati (cessation), has been a dry affair keeping everything as well as oneself dry like an inert object.

There has been no trace of a relationship with ticking life.

If one goes that way one will only end up in the emptiness advocated by BauddhaM.


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