Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nirguna Bhakti and Saguna Bhakti - Part 4 of 5


However, if there is the thought that it might still be better if there is a saguNa-mUrti for directing our Love, especially at the beginning of this advanced stage of SAdhanA, then certainly there is the Guru.

Pour all your Love and Bhakti on him.

He will lift you up and make you direct your Love towards the nirguNa.

Has not our Acharya said:

*prasAdena guroH seyaM pravRttA sUyate phalaM* (See KDAS-46: Sec. 29)
–‘By the Grace of the Guru, the effort will become pravRtta and will give the desired result’.

After all what is Love?

Is it not what goes and attaches to you wholly?


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