Monday, September 5, 2011

Nirguna Bhakti and Saguna Bhakti - Part 5 of 5


But here the thing to which we get attached is not for being possessed by us.

Instead it should possess us; that is the anguish with which we get attached.

What should go is the so-called individual self or ego.

To whatever we attach deeply for that very purpose, that is Love, that is Bhakti.

But just because love or Bhakti is but a deep attachment to something, it does not mean such an involvement in chess or cricket or being a bibliophile is Love or Bhakti.

Because such attachment is all for fattening the individual ‘I’.

In other words it feeds the ‘svayaM’ (the outer self). On the other hand feeding the ‘svayam’ (to the Self) – that is, the ‘svayam’ is to be fed to the Self -- is Love or Bhakti.

This is the grand ‘svayamvaraM’ wherein the bride is ‘fed’ to the bridegroom!

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