Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dual stages of Ego - Part 7 of 10


All the time the efforts as well as the results are all based on the individual self.

This is an ego-based feeling, no doubt, but it is necessary to enthuse ourselves in these earlier stages.

Nothing wrong.

Not only for encouraging ourselves in the progress but also for a proper regret and due correction at times of slipping down.

Only when the individual feeling of ‘I’ is there, the thought will arise: “Oh, I have slipped down. I should correct myself and practise more carefully”.

On the other hand if we rationalize it by an incorrect use of Vedanta by saying “After all everything is false; there is no individual jIva. So where is the slip? Where is the correction?” then there will be no upward progress of spirituality.

The apex attitude of “There is no individual ‘I’ at all” is not to be imagined on the way.

If in that imagination one ignores the necessary self-effort, then there is nothing to hold you back and all the SAdhanA will go waste.


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