Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dual stages of Ego - Part 8 of 10


The very fact of SAdhanA is for the egoistic individual self.

It is not for the Atman.

Does the Atman have to do SAdhanA to realise itself?

The Atman is actionless and it remains as it is always as Atman.

Therefore it is the individual JIva, that has to do the SAdhanA basing its actions on the ego which is the cause for its individuality.

However, after one obtains a certain success in controlling one’s senses, mind and intellect, having discarded much of those that need to be discarded, having obtained the formal teaching about the Atman to be realised, one reaches the stage of readiness for being in the only thought of

That and that is the stage when the ego joins the set of those that are to be discarded.


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