Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nirguna Bhakti and Saguna Bhakti - Part 1 of 5

Just now I talked about the Atman that tests, the Atman that reveals itself, the Atman that does the action of taking over the surrendering self.

“Do all these mean that the Atman is not nirguNa but only a saguNa that does actions? If it is saguNa then that is not our objective. How can that be so?” – such questions may arise.

This is where one has got to bring in shraddhA (Faith)!

Our Acharya, who takes great care to show us the way, has already created this bodyguard of shraddhA for our protection!

“Don’t ask questions about saguNa and nirguNa. The very Upanishads which have talked elaborately about the nirguNa Atman has spoken at this point only thus.

Take that in full faith and give yourself up to the Atman with Love. Thereafter you will be taken only to the nirguNa Absolute, so say all the Upanishads. So proceed just on faith” – this is what you have to repeatedly remind yourself and function.


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