Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nirguna Bhakti and Saguna Bhakti - Part 3 of 5


Gratitude, that is very important.

The Bhakti that arises out of this gratitude – gratitude to Him who has directed us into this most remarkable advaita -- raises its head now and then. Of course we may have to maintain it for a very short time and quickly resume our journey.

However, this Bhakti of short duration is so intense that all that bhakti that we did long ago for the one-pointedness of the mind pales into insignificance.

When we were carrying on that Bhakti almost incessantly, it was like a routine, and sometime lifeless.

But now on our jnAna path, a certain bhakti shoots forth as if from an underground spring, along with a sense of gratitude, and even though it is only for a moment, it is full of life.

But since our objective is nirguNa, even from this, the mind has to be turned off.


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