Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What is the object of Love of an Atma-sAdhaka? - Part 5 of 5


Love placed in the noblest of objects is Bhakti.

Love placed on our equals is friendship.

Love reposed in elders whether they are noble or not, is respect.

Love placed in younger ones, or those below us, is grace.

Love placed in those who suffer is compassion.

Love placed in noble ones with humility is Bhakti.

The noblest object is God and so if we humbly submit to Him with Love that is Bhakti.

This Bhakti then becomes Guru Bhakti, Matru Bhakti, PitR bhakti, Bhakti towards our nation and so on.

Among these, only God and the Guru can really take our Love as well as our individual ‘I’ and melt it in the universal ‘I’.

The SadhakA on the jNaNA path is supposed to have his God, not with attributes, but as the nirguNa-Atman. So he has to show his Love, Bhakti, only towards that Atman.

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