Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sannyasa - Part 1 of 20

Even though no one here may (or should have to) reach that stage, I have to talk about it since the very first part of true advaita sAdhanA starts with sannyAsa.

All links and bondages have to be cut asunder completely. It is not so for others. All seekers, however, have to work for reducing their attachments to a certain extent.

It is therefore good to learn about the SannyAsa stage at least to the extent of hearing about it. If we have to know about the Atman, we have to be constantly thinking about it as the only task and only goal.

The grand goal being Brahman, one has to totally dedicate oneself to that goal and be attached to that only task. If we have other attachments, interests and also try to do this, that mAyA and this jnAna cannot coexist.

We cannot succeed in fanning a fire by simultaneously pouring water on it. It is the renunciation of all other tasks and goals that is called SannyAsa.


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