Friday, January 6, 2012

Third Stage - the final stage !

Once we have passed the SAdhanA-set-of-four, we come to the third stage, the final stage.

No one here (in the discourse audience) is likely to go to that stage. Because it is a stage to be performed after one has renounced all wealth, possession, property and kinship. So possibly it may not have to be explained here.

But still, since I have said so much about advaita-SAdhanA, let me just touch upon it for the sake of completion. SAdhanA, according to the necessity and capability of the sAdhaka.

Three things come there.

Listening to the teaching; confirming what one hears by repetitively thinking about it; and keeping the antaHkaraNa in that thing and meditating on it.

These three are always to be practised right from the basic stage all through the

Therefore I should not leave out telling you about it.

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