Thursday, May 12, 2011

Shama & Dama - Part 11 of 20


That particular activity of the particular sense (indriya) which is necessary for life to continue, that range of activity is its golakaM.

Once you transcend it, it is detrimental to the spirit. That boundary shall never be crossed.

An automobile for instance can go at a particular speed; the very purpose of an automobile is to go places. But there is a speed limit.

In the same way in the journey of life so long as the journey is on, there is work for the senses. You cannot stifle them by cutting them off from their work.

The Lord says in the Gita (III – 8) : Do what is prescribed for you; Without doing any work you cannot carry on this journey of life. This has to be brought into concordance here.

Don’t take *golaka* as ‘orb’. Take it as ‘orbit’ – the path of the movement and not just movement.

When all the planets keep to their orbits around the Sun the solar universe and the inhabitants of this universe carry on their routine normally.

In order for life in the universe to be normal the movement of the planets has to conform to its schedule. What will happen if one of the planets just go out of its ‘orbit’? What will happen if the planets do not get into their respectrive orbits? Either way there will be chaos.

In the same way the ten senses of man have to keep staying in their orbits and keep doing their prescribed work; otherwise, there will be no life – only death.


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