Monday, May 9, 2011

Shama & Dama - Part 8 of 20


Kathopanishad gives a beautiful analogy for mind and the senses.

JIva is like the master seated in a chariot. The body is the chariot. The intellect is the charioteer.

The chariot has several horses. Which are the horses? They are nothing but our senses.

The charioteer steers the chariot by pulling the reins thereby controlling the horses. Those reins are the mind.

The intellect – the one which has already been tempered by viveka and vairAgya, the first two of the four parts of SAdhanA-chatushhTayaM – is now the wise intellect and therefore the right charioteer who pilots the chariot of the body along the path of life. The right path is the spiritual path.

The charioteer has to pull the reins (the mind) the proper way, not too hard, not too loose, so that the sense-horses go only in the direction of the highest experiences in life.

When the destination of Brahman realisation arrives, one releases the horses (senses) as well as the reins (the mind) and also the charioteer (the intellect), the JIva (the resident of the chariot) who is the master can enjoy the Self by himself for himself!


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