Sunday, December 4, 2011

Atman full of life - Part 1 of 20

What we saw so far was the first half of the shloka.

In the second half our Acharya gives the definition of Bhakti:
*sva-svarUpAnu-sandhAnaM bhakti-rity-abhidhIyate*

Bhakti is said to be the unbroken union with one’s own natural Self – the Atman.

*bhaktiH iti abhidhIyate* means ‘it has been named bhakti’.

Do ‘anusandhAnaM’ of one’s own natural state, says he.

What is ‘anusandhAnaM’?

*sandhAnaM* means a unification or joining with something. A meeting’!

If that union stays continuously, it is ‘anusandhAnaM’.


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