Saturday, December 17, 2011

Atman full of life - Part 14 of 20

And when the prefix ‘sva’ is added and it becomes ‘svarUpa’, it is generally taken to refer to something substantial that has the JIva-power.

The very word ‘Atma-svarUpaM’ brings to our mind something with life.

The small word ‘sva’ indicates something that is there naturally for oneself.

And the words ‘for oneself’ also connotes in our mind a sense of life for that thing.

We speak of life. Certain words have life! When we say sat-cid-AnandaM’, sat means that which is.

The word ‘is’ means only ‘is with life’. We speak of it as ‘Being’, ‘Existence’ or ‘Life’.

The word ‘Being’ smacks academical and may not have the connotation ‘with life’.


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