Friday, December 9, 2011

Atman full of life - Part 6 of 20


Just a Release is not enough; “That Release is to be obtained for the purpose of awakening to the Real Nature of one’s Self (for *sva-svarUpa avabodha*).

If one pines in anguish ‘for this awakening’ (*avabodhAya*), then one gets that awakening and by that itself (*avabodhena*) one may get his Release – that is how we understood it.

In fact in shloka 27:

*ahaMkArAdi dehAntAn bandhAn-ajnAna-kalpitAN /
sva-svarUpAva-bodhena moktum icchA mumukShutA *//

the word *avabodhena* is to be in the context of the end stage, whereas what begins with *avabodhAya* (for the awakening) ends with the awakening.


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