Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Atman full of life - Part 11 of 20

The word ‘life’ reminds us that since we are also living, at the base we are also life and so there is an automatic relationship.

And relationship means there is scope for love.

We must make it true love.

It should not be a wrong love that expects something for this little soul from that universal soul.

Instead ‘this’ should go and unite with ‘that’ and ‘that’ should consume ‘this’.

This anguish should become a true love.

In order for that relationship and that life to show itself, the Acharya has used the word ‘svarUpa’ in both places by saying ‘sva-svarUpa avabodhaM’ and ‘sva-svarUpa-anusandhAnaM’.

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