Saturday, December 10, 2011

Atman full of life - Part 7 of 20


Thus mumukShutA is the desire for relief from the bondage of the ego; after the mumukShutA he places bhakti in the logical sequence.

This bhakti emasculates the power of the ego. Among the mind and intellect and the ego (which together make up the antaHkaraNa), the mind is tamed by shama, dama, etc., the intellect by shraddhA and samAdhAna, and then the ego is controlled by mumukShutA and tamed (reduced) by bhakti – so goes the logical sequence.

Actually when the Atman-awakening takes place – the Atman is certainly awake all the time; but since we don’t know it, we name the time when we know it as the time of Atman-awakening – at that time, the individual sAdhaka vanishes!.

But it is not true to say we vanish. “Even the self-luminous Atman appears to sleep for us who are overcome by MAyA; Let us wake up” – if and when this thought is there, then we are there.


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