Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 37


How can the same person talk in two contradictory ways like this? Which is true? If one of them is not true, can the Acharya tarnish his name by speaking an untruth?

If you look at these things only by logic, you will not get anywhere. The definition of Truth does not come by logic. WHATEVER  WILL DO GOOD TO WHOMSOEVER IT IS INTENDED, THAT SHOULD BE STATED

LOVINGLY; THAT IS TRUTH (SATYAM). For those who can tread the path of jnAna, he recommended retirement from the world.  For those who have yet to evolve to that stage of spiritual maturity, he recommended the path of Bhakti and Karma; this will make them reach the kArya-Brahman through worldly actions of work and worship. When one does not have an evolved attitude to a certain path, it is counterproductive to advise him go that path.  


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