Monday, March 19, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 49


All these latter names of  Shakti have come because She is the Creator, Monitor and Queen of this entire universe. That is why, as soon as the  lalitA-sahasranAma begins with the name ‘ShrI-mAta’, the next two names are  ‘Shri-mahArAjnI’, and  ‘ShrImat-simhAsaneshvarI’. For these two names there is no masculine counterpart of the name.  When  Brahman ‘chose’ to become  saguNa-Brahman, the initial spark was that ‘desire’ to become. So the  KAmeshvari-KAmeshvara couple arose and is rightly named so. The panchakRtya is for the world to arise and go on from there. Thus the desire to produce multiplicity out of Herself is the kAmaM.


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