Sunday, March 25, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 55


This ‘experience’ of Brahman of the act of recognizing itself has a technical name in Vedanta. It is ‘parAhantA’.  ‘ahantA’ is the thought ‘I am’. When we wrongly think that our real ‘I’ is body-mind-intellect, it is called ‘ahantA’ - the word derived from ‘ahaM’. 

When the supreme Absolute, which is the origin of all the ‘aham’s in the world, thinks of itself as ‘I’ it is supreme ‘ahantA’, that is, para-ahantA.  In devotional literature, it is customary to call parAShakti the  parAhantA form of ShivaM and thus arises the name  ‘parAhantA-svarUpiNI’ for ambaal.


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