Thursday, March 29, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 59


The mutuality of Shiva and Shakti should be in our minds all the time. When hard core ideas from philosophy are made into poetic extravaganzas, both for the poetic excellence and for the liberties taken
with a view to making the devotees revel in their devotion, it is natural to exaggerate or make out-of-the-way comparisons. Thus at one time it may be said that Shiva is greater than Shakti and at another time quite the opposite. 

In every one of these presentations one should not forget the equality, nay, the identity of the two. Keeping this clearly in his mind, our Acharya, though he built into the first  shloka the idea that it was Shakti who made Shiva move, he takes care to see that the prodding for the ‘movement’ does not come from outside. She is inside Him and therefore the word ‘spandanaM’.


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