Saturday, March 17, 2012

Soundarya Lahari - Part 47

On the basis of this icchA  -- the first wish, as it may be called, and the Upanishad also says: ‘akAmayata’ - the  kriyA-shakti (the power of Action) begins the  pancha-kRtya-leelA. Thus, what was the paraBrahman by itself in itself, willed to ‘become’. It is for  this divine will that the Upanishad uses the word ‘kAma’, meaning desire. 

This ‘desire’ is not to be taken in any derogatory sense. It is pure Divine Will from Being to Becoming. Thus the first evolute from  Brahman  is this divine  kAma. So the  Shakti that is the origin of  this is called KAmeshvari and  the ShivaM in which this kAma sprouted is therefore called KAmeshwara.  


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