Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Acharya on Mumukshu - Part 11 of 15


At several places in the Upanishads we are told about this matter of seeking what is to be sought rather than searching what is to be discarded. Appar Swamigal says: “After searching within myself I discovered for myself” (*ennuLe tedik-kaNDu-koNDen*).

MumukShus have been referred to as *brahma-para*, that is, those who have their only goal (*lakShya*) as Brahman; *brahma-nishhTa* , those whose attachment is only in brahman-related matters – here, we are talking about persons whose interest is in the experience of Brahman; so ‘nishhTA’ here does not mean ‘to be stationed in Brahman by experience’; so the meanings of attachment, dedication for ‘nishhTA’ are to be taken --, and *brahma-anveshhamANa*, those who are searching or looking for Brahman.

In Prashnopanishad where it begins with six persons going to a Rishi, it only describes six mumukShus positively. The ‘anveshhamANa’ word used here is in concordance with the famous statement in Chandogya Upanishad (VIII – 7 – 1) where it says that the ParamAtmA is ‘anveshhTavyaH’ , the one to be searched, sought after.


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