Saturday, August 13, 2011

Acharya on Mumukshu - Part 8 of 15


It is in concordance with this thought “Unless there is the intense strength of mumukShutA as well as the power of the Grace of the Guru, one cannot attain the Atman” that Mundaka Upanishad says ‘The Atman cannot be obtained by a weakling’.

When it says Guru’s Grace, it actually means ‘the Grace of God’. The disciple should never forget that it is Ishwara, the Almighty who is coming as the Guru.

Particularly in advaita-SAdhanA, since it is all a matter of search for JnAna instead of saguna upAsanA, in the place of the Grace of God one should stick steadfastly to the concept of Guru’s blessings and allow it to take roots in the mind.

I shall come back to this topic a little later. Now let me finish this topic of mumukShutvaM.


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