Saturday, August 27, 2011

What is the object of Love of an Atma-sAdhaka? - Part 1 of 5

But to whom do we exhibit this Love?

What is the object of this Love?

To whom does one give himself up? If it is to other people, other places, the nation, or the world – these things are out of place at this stage.

For, such an action will germinate an attachment and a consequent danger! One need not forget the story of JaDa-Bharata.

In earlier stages, service to others, to the nation and to the world are all good self-effacing acts that will result in the cleaning up of the mind and so turn out to be very good.

That belongs to Karma Yoga.

But now one is going on the JnAna path towards the discarding of everything that is MAyA and, love or service towards the to-be-discarded MAyA world is inconceivable.


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